staring into /dev/null


Backdoor CTF - LHC

LHC was a short & sweet challenge in Backdoor CTF. It had a nice ‘aha-Erlebnis’ moment.

Backdoor CTF - QR

For this challenge, we had to decode a ton of QR images given to us via a nc connection for 70 points. Sounds like fun!

Backdoor CTF - Team

Backdoor CTF was hosted on a weekday, so we only had the evening to grab as many flags as we could. Here’s how we solved team for 600 points.

0ctf - R0ops

r0ops was a reversing challenge, worth only 150 points. Based on the amount of points, I expected it to be relatively easy, but I was in for a ride down the rabbit hole…

0ctf - Login

The second pwnable I solved for 0ctf on behalf of CTF-Team VulnHub! This one contained My Favorite Vulnerability, guess which one?

0ctf - Flagen

0ctf sported a number of challenges and I was happy to grab a few flags. Here’s how we solved flagen.

After the Fact - BCTF Zhong Guan Cun Writeup

We’re entering a CTF almost every weekend now, but they’ve been really tough. I did not manage to exploit this challenge in time, but one day after the CTF ended I had an epiphany and got my exploit working. I figured I’d share how I approached this challenge for future reference.